Two Rewards

April 1, 2012

in Day to Day

Yesterday, Opera Boy and I were 2 of 3700 Oregonians who headed west to help clean the beaches. This happens in March and September of each year and when my Saturday is open for it, we get up early, dress warm and go.
They set up 45 registration stations along our beautiful coastline… that’s 363 miles of beach. Certainly some of it is too dangerous but there’s lots of room for debris to pile up. Beach-wise, it’s an odd thing… constantly looking down, careful of natural vs man-made debris. It can be disheartening to realize how much litter we create… most of the stuff is quite capable of choking the life out of many other creatures.

When we go for a normal day at the coast, I now look around and watch people, hoping they will try to catch that Oreo bag that got away… maybe be sure that the kid’s toys all get collected and put back in the bucket before they head home. We sometimes remember to take a bag with us for the walk back to wherever we came in and we pick up what we can. Can you imagine if everyone did this a little more often?

I have a couple of friends who think this is sucker behavior… why should I clean up after someone else? Well, who the hell is going to do it otherwise? It’s up to all of us.

So what does all of this have to do with the Otis Cafe you might ask? One reward is the clean beach for walking on, even in the rain but the other reward is the stack of buttermilk pancakes on the way home!

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