All of my wedding pricing is available here… please let me know if I can answer anything in particular.

The investment ranges from $2000 to about $6000 depending on the level of coverage you choose. Please keep in mind that some things can be tailored for a better fit… it’s worth a meeting or a good conversation to see what we can do, ok?

I am offering coverages based on time and me as your photographer. In an attempt to make it easy for you to build a package that fits, there is now a list of extras that you can add to the coverage as needed.

In most cases it takes about 6 or 7 hours to cover a wedding gracefully…keeping in mind that the photographer should be there from about the getting dressed time to maybe a little more than halfway through the party…as long as there is still a story to tell. In any case, the most important thing is to have great pictures taken… a lot of the options can be had at a later date if it’s not in the budget for now. I’m not inexpensive but you don’t have to do it all at once.

The variable retainer is $500 or $1000, depending on the coverage you choose… if you think you might want to do this I’d recommend a sit-down to see if we connect across the table. I honestly believe that these relationships are  based on three points… style, price and personality… if we are a go on all of those things, great! If not, it would be best to find out sooner than later, yes?


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  1. Marcy Manning

    Hi Jamie, Amanda and Hansfords photos are just beautiful. You captured the day. There are several we’d like prints of. How do we proceed to purchase? best, Marcy

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