Monthly Archives: April 2009

Time and again

peanuts-1I don’t understand how it happens every year. April gets by me even though I make a conscious effort going in to be present for this magic month.

Of course, I have the same problem with October. I am certain it’s a disciplinary thing… it means I need to schedule it, I guess.

The attention needed to keep the laundry done and the groceries stocked rivals the business stuff…. and somehow in all of that, the wild beauty outside my door just pushes up out of the ragged winter without me.

Sure, I have had two chances in 26 days to go play in the dirt… lawnmowers and weed pulling …. some serious pruning, a little slug bait… what I am too keenly aware of is that May will gallop headlong into November and I will be startled once again to find my narrow year almost gone.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a short year except for the wide days that come when you aren’t looking…. I hope I am ready to sit in a shady spot with a book at least once or twice.


p090403cafe003wbWhat I like about meetings or doctor appointments is that I get to sit and look around with no agenda. Most times I take a book because the waiting room choices are usually just not my idea of a good time. But if I have a meeting like today where a camera isn’t too intrusive, it gives me a chance to stretch a little…. a chance to just watch a piece of a day go by. 

The meeting was about wedding photography… it was about trying to pull in a segment of the client base who might not see us. It was about pooling a remarkable set of local talents in this very scary recession. We all want to work and we all need to balance our reputations against our mortgages just like everyone else. As a business owner you have to draw a fine line between profit and panic and that means finding a few shortcuts between what you know and what you know you can offer.

Keep an eye on this space …. there is a new deal coming soon.