Monthly Archives: August 2009

Melissa and Drew… love on wheels

just_my_typeMelissa and Drew put so many fine personal touches to their wedding day… it was a visual treat and a day that all of their guests will remember with a smile. From the Ace Hotel to the pedicab parade… top that with fabulous Indian food, home brewed beer and many home made pies! I wouldn’t have missed this one for the world. Continue reading

Love across the water…


Dana and Claudiu had one of those endless days… really beautiful weather and several locations to play in. We started in Portland’s Rose Garden for family and wedding party pictures. From there almost everyone piled into the gigantic Hummer Limo for the trip to the church. After a brief stop on the East Bank Esplanade, we had a lovely cruise on the Portland Spirit. I don’t get to do the river cruise very often and it’s always a great way to spend a warm summer evening. Continue reading

An empty house revisited…

free_couchThe mustard yellow dumpster is gone now. It has been parked in Helene’s driveway for a few days, slowly filling with her life. The tall, pink roses on the south wall have been cut down and the tomato plant tossed out. One of her couches is hoping for a home.

She died in her sleep on July 12th… 4:00 on a Sunday morning. In someone else’s place.


I took my pruning shears over to her house the day she died and cut a branch of her rose bush for myself. It had one bloom and several buds on it. By the time her funeral came along, most of the buds had opened. I took the vase to a counter where I could take a picture and several of the blooms flew apart. I saved all of the petals as they fell and will take them with me when I go to visit her grave.

I will miss her.