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Profile Theatre


Each season is devoted to one contemporary playwright That means you get a great chance to get acquainted with some  marvelous and current work. The Trip to Bountiful opens this week… Horton Foote is this season’s featured playwright and I believe it will be a fine and wonderful collection of offerings.

I have had the pleasure of watching this company grow and thrive for 13 years under the direction of Jane Unger. She has the heart and she’s not afraid to use it.
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Flori says…

Traditionalisti, progressisiti. Bah. Maybe the only thing that matters is to make our lives last as long as we do. You know, to make a life last until it ends, to make all the parts come out even, like when you rub the last piece of bread in the last drop of oil on your plate and eat it with the last sip of wine in your glass.”

A Thousand Days in Tuscany — Marlena De Blasi

A Little Zen in the Afternoon


Opera Boy and I took a much needed day off today. Even with the gloomy skies, we drove west to the coast… no agenda but we packed our kites. Seaside was full of old Detroit Iron and seriously silly California Plastic. We hadn’t planned on taking that in but it was on the way to Gearhart so we strolled a bit with all of the other tourists, point and shoot in hand.

Four years ago, our first date was a kite thing on a very gusty September day. I didn’t know him outside of the gym at that point but I was intrigued that a grown man would go to the beach and fly a kite to calm down. Hmm.


I bought a stunt kite on a day when I had forgotten my regular kite…. it took a few sessions to get a feel for it. Now we trade it back and forth and I sense a chance to escape the real world for a bit with my hands in the straps. It makes me laugh out loud.
The stunt kite is one of the two handed/two string types….you don’t just put in the air……you move it all around. The zen comes from giving it up to it’s own wants instead of a tight control……arcs and swoops and dives, oh my!
A little like a good relationship?

Days of Heaven

Condon is a tiny town snugged into the golden hills east of Bend, north of Fossil and south of Biggs. They farm wheat and wind in those hills and the Milky Way runs rampant in the night sky.
Condon is a place where everyone says hello… a rare treat for most of us.
Shannon grew up there and decided to share her wedding to Randy with her people. The ceremony was short and very sweet… the whole day had that lovely level of ease that is so hard to come by.
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Into the Garden

Melinda and Jason came to Portland from Chicago to get married in our elegant Chinese Garden. They had a marvelous day… I could tell because Melinda’s megawatt smile was visible for miles.
We started at the Benson Hotel for a quick portrait with Addison and then we took pedicabs on a round about tour to the Garden.
It was a truly beautiful and Portland sort of day.
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Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

Head shots… seems like just about everybody needs one sooner or later. I enjoy the challenge of it… as a photographer, you have to be mindful of how the image will be used. Are we talking about a very conservative banker or do we have an actor in need of a fresh look? It’s important to match the personality with the look. I am pleased to see people pushing the edges as it suits them… head shots are now varied and much more interesting than in years past.headsblog_1w These are all professional people in their own right. Considering the sheer volume of connecting we do these days, it seems to me that we should put on a fresh face when we have outgrown the old one. I’d be happy to talk to you about a session if you are in the market.