Monthly Archives: October 2009

The air is wild with leaves…


Crisp and moving, the late light comes early now. I don’t do it often but I am sometimes lucky to go out with my camera and wander… eyes open, no plan. We call it Walk About…


There was a time when my camera life was all my own… no clients to answer to… “unfettered and alive” and this was how I spent my free time.


Now, you might call it a stretching exercise, a chance to get away from the desk for an attitude adjustment. It makes my inner child smile… and breathe.


Down the Mountain


On a glorious late September day, Morgan and Dave gathered their people on the summit of Mt. Tabor… one of Portland’s prettiest parks. Theirs was one of those deliciously personal weddings… chock full of bits of their personalities and reflected in the ease of the crowd. No stuffy wedding rules, no one worried about scuffed shoes or shifting hair… just a great shining sense of happiness all day.  Keep your eye out for Sasha, the ring bearer and note the cowbells that guests rang with total abandon as they kissed and left the crowd. I love this job!

Eight pedicabs bombed down the slope through neighborhood streets, across the Hawthorne Bridge and into the Pearl to a cozy reception at the Bridgeport Brew Pub. It was great to see the people on the sidewalks and porches laughing and cheering this passing parade. The LOL moment was when the Portland Police car sitting at an intersection across from us said a very serious “Congratulations” over the loudspeaker. Sweeet.

Great day, great couple!
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