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Balancing Act

Most of us have a fair sense of the meaning of Yin-Yang but I looked for a clear way to say it and this was what I found: “One is not better than the other. Instead they are both necessary and a balance of both is highly desirable.”

Well, that fits these two to a T!! Leah and Ross walked down the street from The Acadian Ballroom with me the other night… they took one look at the wall and immediately became Yin-Yang. No discussion, just instant mind-meld… you can’t make this stuff up.

I love my job!

Splendid Light

Last Saturday brought us to a bright, breezy wedding at a sunny farm in Newberg… high in the hills on our first truly hot summer day this year. We had to do some dancing around our original schedule to accommodate the flavor of the light. There was no place to go until after dinner… that’s when the sun had gotten low enough to give us this lovely light for the softer portraits. What I like is that Betsy and Rob trusted me to make it work. We slipped out between dinner and the toasts… we only needed these 10 minutes but we couldn’t have had them at any other point in the day.

Keep your plans flexible if you can, you won’t regret it!

Summertime… the Big Picture

This was taken long before summer was expected but I think it fits the post… Sheila was kind enough to wear her bling for this January portrait with Kurt on my front porch. We had the longest, wettest winter-into-spring in a long while. Now, we are in the middle of August… it’s still cool and breezy like it has been since our Northwest summer began. I like it this way even if my tomatoes are late coming on… they are small but heartbreakingly sweet. Same thing with the blueberries… like candy.

My lucky young neighbors, Kurt and Kwen, have been in Taos and Santa Fe for the last week and I have been chicken-sitting for them… a set of morning and evening chores a little different from my usual routine. Joey cat has been coming across the street with me every morning but he has had the grace to wait outside the garden gate while I am busy. Fresh eggs everyday is something I could get used to.









July and August have been pretty busy but Opera Boy and I have managed a couple of sneaky days of playing hooky and enough yard work to keep it interesting. The new porch that we put on last year has been a shady haven for a little reading and Joey seems to like the chairs for his nap time.

If September stays a little slow, we will be taking a couple of days to ourselves at the coast. That’s when my chicken friends will trade back by cat-sitting our boys… it’s a lovely arrangement.

For my geek friends, all of these photos were taken with my Olympus PEN E-P2… some with the normal lenses but some with the Lensbaby Sweet 35. The opening shot was done during a session of beta testing for Lensbaby… something I really love being a part of!


Jill and Michael had their 6th anniversary a couple of days ago… she posted this photo to Facebook and I was reminded how much fun they were in front of my camera. Wonderful people, crazy in love!

Spontaneity is the word during portraits. My job is to put people in a good looking space with the best light possible… what they do from there is what makes or breaks the work. I never try to pose much beyond that… I want them as real as they can be, recognizable to themselves and their friends. Having gotten to know Jill a little better over the years, I’d say this would give you a very true sense of the relationship. ;0)


Grandmas usually make me laugh out loud… they are almost always up to something. One of the best parts of many weddings is the gathering of the generations… I love to watch the play unfold and hardly anyone colors inside the lines. I miss my own people so I guess I am just more open to enjoying other people’s people.
Nicole and her mother had started to rearrange her errant veil when her grandmother started making trouble… makes me laugh to see it!

I have run this image only as color before and this morning’s decision to look at it in black and white was a chance to see it more clearly… away from the bright flowers and the dress pastels. It’s all about the relationships.

A Little Spin After Dinner

Destination weddings always get a little extra photography… seems like the least I can do for the extra cost. Since I prefer to arrive a day ahead, I like to spend a couple of hours at the rehearsal dinner getting used to the family and close friends. It also gives me a chance to scout a venue that is new to me and, of course it is a kind of insurance against travel problems… a little buffer just in case.
What’s really cool is to be there when the surprises happen. Lindy had a shiny red tandem bike delivered to Avio Vineyards to give to Kenrick… he was one big smile as they went for a ride in the soft light of the Sierra foothills.

It never hurts to ask about having a trusted professional photographer travel for you… it beats taking a chance.