Monthly Archives: November 2011

Time to Step Up

Mary Beth and Patrick are getting married next spring… it seems like a long time from now but it will probably fly by like it does for most couples. We went on walkabout for an engagement session on a chilly day in October and it was really great to see how well they mesh.I also know how much I can depend on Patrick to make her laugh… that bodes well for a long relationship! I think we are going to have a fine wedding. ;0)

Face Time


Every photographer in Portland has shot this great space at the Ace Hotel… it was made for my kind. What I am hoping to bring to the front in this image is that my couples are not required to be on point for the entire portrait session on the wedding day. I want every couple to have a few minutes to themselves without my interference… they need some time away from the crowd to marvel at their new beginnings… face time without the rest of us in the way.

A Changing Dynamic

Count the cameras… how many do you see? There are 10 in this small slice of the crowd and none of them is my second shooter. The bewildered flower girl has gotten a little disoriented by all of the media attention and someone had to gently point her in the right direction so that the procession could go on.

In our obsessively digital world there are more and more people with their heads down at every turn… I see it every day. They are so busy checking their little blue screens that they miss the next beautiful thing to go by… sounds like a life half lived.

Next time you go to a wedding, maybe you should unplug and just enjoy the day.

Perfectly Imperfect

This is from so long ago… in digital years, this might as well have been from a cheap phone. It was 2004 and the cameras weren’t all that hot yet.

Leslie had just gotten dressed for her wedding… the room was buzzing with various women getting ready, too. She took a moment to pull out her vows to look them over. She was joined for a sweet moment by her niece. I remember it took a few minutes but they both agreed that it was good and the day marched on.

What I know for sure is that sometimes the technical end of things can be a little strained and the moment will pull right through anyway.