Monthly Archives: December 2011

All Aboard!

What a lovely day for a trolley ride! Brooke and John had a wonderful and well attended celebration high on a hill in Carlton… the private vineyard was decked out with every convenience except parking. The answer to that was to have their guests park on the road below and take the trolley up the steep dirt road. Based out of McMinnville, The Trolley is a local company staffed by really nice people… just the kind of folks you’d hire for a wine tour or a wedding in the middle of our lush wine country.

This portrait of driver Dick Oviat was taken with my Lensbaby Tilt Transformer… I love the mood I get from one of my favorite toys!

A Little Traveling Music

Today is one of those fine, bright days and it makes me feel like going somewhere. Since I can’t just walk away from my chores, I can travel a little in my head. My chores involve updating my blog and client galleries and adding a mobile site… none will be finished today but since I am office-bound, I should make a start on it.

The blog update starts with this larger image… too bad it doesn’t make the previous images bigger but by the time a few posts go by, maybe it won’t be so noticeable. ;0)

Meanwhile, hop the ferry on a sunny afternoon and feel the breezes in your face…

What a Difference 4015.35′ in Altitude Makes…

Stacey and Darrell hired us for three days in October… a halloween party on Friday, a sunny recreational Saturday at Crater Lake followed by a Sunday wedding on the rim. It was the last open day of the season… the lodge was about to shut and the roads would close as soon as people were out. Sunday morning found us with much lower skies and rapidly dropping temperatures… enough that the bridal party wore long underwear and hiking boots under their beautiful dresses. On the rim, the cold wind was close to unbearable… guests wrapped in plastic parkas braving the sleet and the freezing fog. The flowers popped in that stark light. Stacey braved it somehow in her spaghetti strap dress.

The party was down the hill in a little grange hall in Fort Klamath… homemade pies and fine BBQ. As the rain subsided, I asked them to come across the street with me to play in the high grass.

Up on the rim, the roads were closing for a long white winter.

Invisible Flower Girls… You Know Who You are

You have seen them… they are generally on the short side, all polished up for the day and completely oblivious to the idea that they are visible up there at the altar. It’s a part of the day I look for because it is such an entertaining slice… something they can be gently teased about for a long time.

Over the years I have found that the young ones and the old folks are the truest faces for my camera. They really don’t worry about it very much. People in the middle years seem to have a camera face if they know you are pointing a lens in their direction… that’s why a very candid approach is the very best thing.

Specializing in real life… have a look around this site while you are here, ok?

Jason’s Big Secret

Annie loves firetrucks… always has and always will, according to Jason. Unbeknownst to her, he found a 1942 fire engine and was able to surprise the heck out of her. The engine drove up while we were outside doing a few portraits… she was thrilled! The fireman leaned out of the cab and said ” I hear there’s a wedding emergency!” She laughed through her tears and they all drove off for a short town tour.

Originally, Jason was afraid to tell me or the wedding planner about his secret but when he did, we were able to get Annie outside in good light without letting it slip. I am telling you this in case you have secret plans for your wedding day… it helps to have a little teamwork sometimes.

I love weddings… come see for yourself.