Monthly Archives: March 2012

Cigar Night

I’m not sure what happens in the minds of men when someone hands out cigars… it always seems to translate to a sudden boldness, maybe even impudence. Since it’s almost always in a small crowd, I seek it out with the camera… guaranteed to get something a little different. Something a little old-school macho. ;0)

For those of you who look at my images from a technical standpoint, this one is from the Dark Ages of Digital… most of you have camera phones with twice the power of this one. However, I now have the new Lightroom 4 and I am here to tell you that even borderline little jpgs can be worked around in a remarkable fashion with the new software.

Ghost Forest

About 4 years ago, Opera Boy and I drove to Neskowin very early in the morning… we had a date with an unusually low minus-tide. An old forest that is usually submerged had made itself visible on the beach and word had gotten out. It was interesting and gratifying to see the number of people who made the trek to see it… knowing it would not happen often.

I chose to shoot it with one of my pinhole cameras… the image seems to translate more into a soft history than something sharp and clear. A history of trees turned to ghosts.

Ordinary Silences

Some people think every wedding picture has to be a fantasy of high emotion, stylized ecstatic faces and riding off into the sunset. Those images have their places in the day and certainly are memorable and welcome. My job is to find as many of the corners as possible… to bring it all forward out of the jumble that piles up in your memory.

Our two flower girls were ready ahead of the wedding party. That in itself is a little unusual but these young ladies found ways to amuse themselves without stressing any of the grownups… a nice corner for the camera.

I hope you are looking for the whole story. ;0)

Into the Blue

Betsy traveled from an island off of the coast of South Carolina to marry Rob on the top of Bull Mountain. Hot, breezy and filled with happy guests, the day was an absolute treat! Vibrant Table ran the show with their usual charm and skill. We had dogs and babies and a whirling windmill on her Mom’s green farm. The raised beds in the vegetable garden framed the tented tables and the dance floor was next to the cute potting shed where they cut the cake. All in all, another home wedding to add to my list of favorites!

It was a clear blue day from start to finish… the last pictures of the day still had a deep blue sky as a backdrop to the crowded dance floor.

“I Dream About Chocolate Tide Pools.”

In a perfect world, my days would be spent wandering tiny towns with a camera. Punctuate the town time with open spaces… both peopled and un… I am a sucker for this planet we call home. Last year, in late September, Opera Boy and I took three days off and we set our base camp in Lincoln City. Continue reading

Lush Life

One of the best parts of Kenrick and Lindy’s rehearsal dinner was the view… Avio Vineyards is tucked into the beautiful hills of Sutter Creek, California. Throughout the dinner, I watched many of the guests steal a quiet minute or two at the edge of the patio. The sky was softening over the horses in the field as a most delightful dinner was served… wine glasses tinkling in the late light. This is the way to live your life!

Choose a special place and hire the best… you won’t regret it!