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New tools, old tricks, I guess… I joined the ranks of the iPhone Tribes yesterday and while I haven’t done much communicating, you can bet I have been trying to become one with it’s camera. ;0)
In my camera history, I have always roamed my own house and yard to try out any new gear… film, lenses, cameras… it’s a really good way to see how something new is going to translate for me. These are everyday places for me. I am used to the light and the shadows… the moods of my home.
I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised and very happy to have a new voice in my bag!

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Just a Little Damp

Yes, sometimes it rains in August. Over the years, it seems as if you can look for rain on any weekend where Oregon goes camping… just an observation. ;0)

We had two massive downpours during a day of otherwise glorious light. Vibrant Table had to reset everything twice… they persevered with grace and energy. Vista Hills Vineyard is lovely… the staff was shoulder to shoulder with the catering crew to keep things dry and running well. Hats off to a very brave couple… Stephanie and Lee decided to stick to the original plan and were richly rewarded!

Portland Train Yards 1986

There was once a sunny day when two friends decided to take a walk about. Ross Hamilton used to wait tables with me at Jake’s Famous Crawfish… we found kindred artistic souls in each other, though I believe he was a true Renaissance Man… many more talents than I will ever have. Ross told me he wanted to take the cameras to this SE Portland switching yard and I will always remember his quiet grin as we stood above the tracks. We gave up the daily contact as we took separate career paths but he was good about calling with a lunch invite or just for coffee. He’s gone now… lost his battle in 2006 but he left behind a world of friends.

The Sweetest Ambush

Paul called a day ahead of this sweet little encounter and he sounded so excited, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the plan. Marla had no idea but I could see the realization dawning as he walked her up the rainy steps at Washington Park last Friday.

She said yes and it was all over in an audible heartbeat… he whisked her off to a surprise dinner and I believe the romantic bar has been set delightfully high!

Always happy to be a witness to this classy kind of start… I hope this makes you smile, too!

Bluejeans to Bride

Used to be that women of a certain class had a full compliment of assistants to get them dressed and out the door… these days it’s more likely to be your best friends from college helping you put the finishing touches in place.
This is a great place for your photographic story to start… just past hair and makeup when you transform from the girl next door to a stunning bride. From any day to Wedding Day.

There are stories to be told all day long and that is why I love this work!

Lost and Found

There is no way to describe the relief that washed over me when I finally found this photograph after having lost it for about 8 years. I was pretty sure it was in my house still but I sure couldn’t put my hands on it. Of course it came to light when I was looking for something else.

This was taken on a frozen February morning in Winnipeg… it was 1979 and Lon and I had flown in from Boston to catch a total eclipse of the sun. The entire trip was rather surreal… especially standing in a remote and utterly frozen field many miles north of Winnipeg as the light began to take on another dimension. He was able to concentrate on his telescopes and the cameras attached but all I could do was live it. To this day, I can see the light coming across the open spaces… kind of pink and, somehow, about 3 feet high.

That train left at midnight and we were on it, westbound for Oregon. Even though our relationship was on the wane, it was the beginning of a new life here.

Eyes on the Prize

I am always gratified to find an intimate angle on the ceremony… it is often out of the question if you are trying to work in a civilized fashion. Many of the vineyards have space for me to hang back with a long lens so as not to intrude. It helps that the people involved are so wrapped up that they don’t notice me very often at all. ;0)

Dance the Breeze

Believe it or not, this dress had been attacked by a red-wine wielding mom about an hour before… ok, maybe not attacked but let’s just say that an unfortunate incident occurred before the dress came off the hanger. When I arrived, Kurt was in the dusty driveway sweating bullets, warning me of a dark mood in the dressing room. However, Molly had risen above the panic and some talented soul had blotted every trace of stain out of the creamy silk.

May I recommend a dress made of Shantung silk for anyone wanting a delightfully dancy dress impervious to insult? It was a dream to photograph! They were, too. ;0)

Two Rewards

Yesterday, Opera Boy and I were 2 of 3700 Oregonians who headed west to help clean the beaches. This happens in March and September of each year and when my Saturday is open for it, we get up early, dress warm and go.
They set up 45 registration stations along our beautiful coastline… that’s 363 miles of beach. Certainly some of it is too dangerous but there’s lots of room for debris to pile up. Beach-wise, it’s an odd thing… constantly looking down, careful of natural vs man-made debris. It can be disheartening to realize how much litter we create… most of the stuff is quite capable of choking the life out of many other creatures.

When we go for a normal day at the coast, I now look around and watch people, hoping they will try to catch that Oreo bag that got away… maybe be sure that the kid’s toys all get collected and put back in the bucket before they head home. We sometimes remember to take a bag with us for the walk back to wherever we came in and we pick up what we can. Can you imagine if everyone did this a little more often?

I have a couple of friends who think this is sucker behavior… why should I clean up after someone else? Well, who the hell is going to do it otherwise? It’s up to all of us.

So what does all of this have to do with the Otis Cafe you might ask? One reward is the clean beach for walking on, even in the rain but the other reward is the stack of buttermilk pancakes on the way home!