Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Tunnel of Love

Last Saturday, Mary Beth married her Patrick… these two have such a sense of play! The MAX station was an interesting break from the norm and I love that it was their idea. I am always thrilled and lucky when I have a couple so clearly in love with each other. The wedding day was a gas from start to finish… can’t wait to share more of it here. ;0)

Instagram and the New Age

Apparently, I am an easy mark for any technology, old or new, that gives me a way to see. This last Sunday I had the pleasure of taking a full day workshop from a very talented photographer, Jan Sonnenmaier. She is a woman I have known of for years and I am sorry I haven’t done more to get to know her before now.

Jan teaches an iPhone camera workshop. Keep in mind that for a few years, I have taken a rather dim view of the whole idea of camera phones. I just didn’t get what the fuss was all about. Until now. My new iPhone 4s has more than twice the megapixels of my first pro digital DSLR. Besides the whole file size issue, it also has some of the most nuanced options you might ever hope for. Jan introduces the best apps and goes into the guts to show you how it all works.

Long story short, I now have a small presence on Instagram @joeytallboy and a fantastic array of tools in my pocket… can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

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Love Has No Gender

President Obama did the right thing last week. We are past due on this question of who gets to love someone. Alexis and Kim got married a few years back even if some people didn’t recognize that as a marriage. Believe me, they were meant for each other.

I am one of many who thinks you should be able to marry the one you love. Period. With any luck, this world will come to see that there are no rules in this except those written by the heart.

Diamonds and Sapphires

Brooke radiated pure delight on that sunny October day…her eyes were probably the only jewels she really needed. Cowboy boots, a custom silk coat, magnificent food and music in a small city of softly lit tents high on a private hill in Oregon’s wine country… they had easily one of the more elegant weddings in my career.

I am excited to be designing a book for Brooke and John… it has been a lot of fun to revisit their images and it’s nice to know that there will be a book for posterity. ;0)