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Paris in Portland

Peninsula Park, on a cloudy spring day, reminds me of much older places… Paris comes to mind as you take in the stone and brickwork that frames our oldest public rose garden. If you can blur your brain just enough, you can almost see the couples strolling in the early 1900’s.

According to the Portland Parks and Recreation website, “The park was purchased by the city in 1909 for $60,000 with funds raised in a 1908 bond measure. Originally owned by local businesswoman Liverpool Liz, it had been the site for a roadhouse and racetrack for quarter-mile horse racing. An autopark and campground were also included in the original parcel. Planned by renowned Oregon architects Ellis Lawrence and Ormond R. Bean, the park was a result of Portland’s 1912 ‘City Beautiful’ movement. Completed in 1913, much remains of the original features, including the lantern-style streetlights, the stone pillars, vast brickwork, and the nearly 100-year-old fountain in the center of the rose garden. The octagonal bandstand overlooking the rose garden was constructed in 1913. It was used for World War I patriotic demonstrations and is now the site for many summer weddings and concerts. This wonderful gazebo-like structure is a National Heritage historical structure and was designated a Portland Historic Landmark in 1973. It is the last of its kind in Portland.”

Michelle and Jason braved the chill a couple of weeks ago and made this their romantic stop between the church and the reception… it was very sweet to see them relax into themselves.

In Her Own Words… Jordan Tells Their Story

I asked Jordan and Nyki how they met, thinking it would be something sweetly simple I could write about. I realized after reading it that there wasn’t anything I could possibly add, so, with permission, I offer you the real deal:

“Nyki and I met at a Summer Solstice party in 2010. She recalls having some sort of magnetism towards me, very curious as to who the heck I was! We didn’t get to interact with one another much, but both left a lasting impression on each others mind. Four months later, a mutual friend serendipitously brought us together again. At that time we were able to share some time and get a feel for one another. I lived about 5 hours away from where she was living, so I continued on to Portland a couple weeks later. It took another 3 months to see each other again! By that time, we had become friends and enjoyed talking via facebook, and we’re trying to plan a trip up to Portland for Nyki to get her hair done. Totally innocent. Well, she finally made it up to Portland, and I cooked Puttanesca for her and her friend. I’d like to say it was instantaneous, I’m unsure whether my food was really, really good, or if there was something else going on between us. We sat up talking that entire night, laughing and getting to know each other on my turf. And the rest is history. It was from that moment that she and her long haired chihuahua walked through my doorway that I knew we would have to be together. Sometimes there isn’t an option, and we believe that is what true love and destiny are. We had no choice, we had no option. We jumped into this together, hand in hand, and it worked out pretty well for us! Nyki moved to Portland a month later, and since then we have lived together, moved twice, welcomed a baby French Bulldog into our lives, created a loving environment for her two children Rosemary and Joseph, and can proudly say, we ALL, are living happily ever after.”

These pictures were taken at the blueberry farm where the wedding will be held next month… we are going to have a blast!!

No Rules

Perfectly posed portraits are all fine and dandy but if you can’t have a little fun, what’s the point? When you get older, you are going to want the chance to look back at your younger selves and see some personality, right?
One of my very favorite parts of any wedding day is the chance to take my newly minted couple out away from the crowd for a little camera time. It’s a much needed breather for them… almost giddy with relief, usually… they have gotten through the ceremony and now it’s just the party ahead. Breathing and smiling come pretty naturally at this point in the day.

All in all, you really only need about 15 or 20 minutes to catch some of the life between you… plan for it, ok?
You won’t be sorry.

Good to Go

Champagne in hand, cupcakes in the box and fine friends to light the path… this was a fine end to a great day! We stayed a little past our scheduled leaving time just to have a chance to catch this… if they hadn’t mentioned it to me, we would have been gone.

I was concerned that the little candles wouldn’t show well enough so about an hour earlier, I had the mother of the bride bring a couple of them outside for a trial run… it was sweet enough to stay for. ;0)

The lesson here is tell your photographer everything… it gives them a chance to be ready for something special.