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Beware the Ring Bear

Beware because he will steal the show! There are plenty of kids who have squirmed uncomfortably through the assignment of ring bearer… I don’t often see it as a coveted role. This young man stepped up with such a flourish that hands flew up and laughter rang all through the crowd… it was a perfect break in a solemn ceremony. I should also mention that he wore a fuzzy bear hat, complete with ears, even on this warm July afternoon. ;0)

All in all, a fine day on a blueberry farm with friends and family… homespun with a great deal of love and support.

Planning in Paradise

Two weeks from now, we have the pleasure of working with some wonderfully real people in one of the prettiest places I have ever seen. Opera Boy and I went to Eugene yesterday to do a walk through at McKenzie Oaks Ranch, a private piece of paradise near the McKenzie River. We went to see the way the light works and get a feel for the layout. I took my iPhone out several times to make visual notes but I also took my big camera so that Liz could audition her makeup… not a bad idea for those of you who might be working on your own wedding plans. There are several spaces around the property for sweet portraits and we made some decisions for which ones might work the best… I think this sort of working preview can be a huge time saver on a busy wedding day.

Josh and Liz sat down with me under a massive oak and we worked on the time line… we had a lot of help from Sara and Rio! I have to say that I am really looking forward to this day of theirs. Many, many thanks to James at Studio Coburg for sending them in my direction!

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Western Winds

Time and light are the storytellers for this day… I am very sure that Ali and Anthony will remember that most of the day was a sideways sheet of rain. Everything had been set up inside the lovely Gearhart home because the October weather was being it’s own bad self. A few hours into the preparations, I noticed that the sky was starting to break a little and as she finished dressing, the sun came out. So, instead of her really cool shoes, she pulled on her black Wellies and we all wound our way through the grasses of Gearhart Beach to have an intimate wedding by the sea.

These two took some special private time with me for portraits before the rain came again to chase us back to the house. I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Barefoot at the Overlook House

Got a nice phone call from a bride’s mom the other day asking if I could make a print for her home. The first thing she said was “Do you remember the barefoot wedding?” I had to laugh because I did… it was 15 years ago but I answered her right back by asking “It was at the Overlook House, right?” Her turn to laugh. I clearly remember that everyone was barefoot except the two teenaged bridesmaids… they tottered around the sunny lawn on very high heels. ;0)

The one she wanted a print of was one of my favorites from the day… we had a nice scan made of the negative and I’ll have a print for her by tomorrow. We chatted a bit after the business part of the conversation… Kristin and Tim have children now and a very solid, happy life. I always like to hear that.

Summer Rain on a Tin Roof

Horning’s Hideout is a refreshingly quiet venue on the outskirts of North Plains… well, quiet except for the many peacocks who trail around the grounds. In the 60’s and 70’s it was a cattle ranch but today, Mr. Horning’s children have made it into a park where you can fish, play Frisbee Golf, enjoy a concert or marvel at salamanders.

Hannah and Erin had a small wedding there this last weekend. A good gathering of family and friends, a couple of them the four-legged variety and a scrumptious food truck made for a fine day. The rain held off until we were drinking champagne under the shiny tin roof. ;0)