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Once Upon a Time

At our first meeting, Amanda and Hansford stressed that theirs would be a “grown-up” wedding… they weren’t looking to get all involved in a fantasy experience. To that end, they invited 30 favorite people to a great wedding in Hood River. The Crag Rat’s Hut is an unadorned but comfortable space overlooking the orchards around the southern flanks of Mt. Hood. While the kids were out collecting wild turkey feathers in the late light, there was laughing paired with fine wine, tasty salmon and incredible pie.

I stole them away for a few private minutes down the hill… I think it might have been a fairy tale wedding after all. Easily one of my favorite couples ever!

The supporting cast was excellent, if you are looking for good people in the Gorge, this is a great place to start:

Cork and Bottle Catering

Pauline’s Country Fresh Pies

Lucy’s Flowers in Hood River

I am happy to travel, of course. ;0)

This day was pulled together seamlessly by the incomparable Kara Markovich at Ella Events… what a wonderful time!

Do You Take Requests?

Since I don’t bring a recipe to any wedding I have to admit that I am somewhat open to the whims of my clients as they whip by… I am not the photographer who will ask you to jump or have your groomsmen hold you horizontally. On the other hand, if it’s what you really want, then I will give it my all… this work will live in your house over the years, not mine, and it should be something you like.

Chris had an idea or two for the wedding party at the end of our session at The Grotto and when we got to that point, I was intrigued… it was graphically interesting. As always, I’d like to have had a little more time without the inevitable other cameras but I think we made a little bit of art in that space. Not bad, all things considered. ;0)

Do Not Disturb

Sometimes the first look needs to be completely private… sometimes even the photographer should step out of the circle. When we sat down for a details meeting a couple of weeks before the wedding, there was a mom who really wanted to see the two meet for the first time. I asked them how they felt about that and reminded them that it would the last time before absolutely everyone landed in their lap for the rest of the day. Josh turned to Liz and said he’d really like to just see her… the look on his face told me everything I needed to know. When it was time, I picked up the long lens and worked from the background, with mom and the bridal party.

Come work with me… we can make a very special set of images to last you a lifetime.

Down in the Valley

Last Saturday, we had some brutal heat in the Pacific Northwest… I am hoping that it is not what these two will remember about that day. When I get through all of the post production for their wedding I believe that they will see the family ranch full of all the special people who gathered to see them wed. Liz and Josh are tailor made for each other and the people who came all seemed to know that.

This, their first dance, was done before dinner… a very classy departure from waiting until after the meal and the cake. I am personally glad that they danced early because the light, as you can tell, was absolute perfection.

I promise to post more from this very special day as time allows… stay tuned. ;0)