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Two Trains

At the end of May, I ran a similar post from this wedding. It was also taken on the MAX station platform… at the time, I thought I liked it better. Turns out that this one suits me best. Mary Beth and Patrick wanted to do some of their wedding portraits with the train running in the background so we did several as the the train pulled in… then, as we were congratulating ourselves for getting what we wanted, we heard a second train coming into the other side! We raced around to catch that one and I got to see it differently… the kiss becomes the thing and the train plays the dramatic background… much better.

Diagram of a Dress

It never fails, the Dress is a mystery to the men… a very charming discovery on the wedding day. I think many a man gets measured by the amount of help he offers to his bride as she navigates a very different reality from her every-day with him. Just about every dress has a carrying loop and a bustle so that you can actually walk around without too much hassle. But, nine times out of ten, you say bustle to a groom and he goes pleasantly blank… never imagining the engineering that is required to pull off the difference between the aisle and the dance floor.

Needless to say, in the tall grasses around the Honeymoon House at McKenzie Oaks Ranch, Liz needed to pick up her skirts to keep the twigs from accumulating… Josh is handy to help her find the loop designed to keep the skirts up… such a true gentleman all day… a keeper in the very best sense of the word.

My tip to all of you is to get acquainted with how your dress is designed ahead of time… plan on cutting out the hanger straps if it’s strapless, find your loop and practice the darn bustle once or twice so that you don’t spend too much time when your party is rolling, ok?

Like this? I am at your service. ;0)

The Best Seat in the House

Remember when you could climb a tree in a dress and kick off your red shoes? I do. Not that my family attended a bunch of weddings when I was a kid but the whole option of having a different vantage point than the grown-ups… it is a very special privilege. At some point they expect you to settle back to earth and behave accordingly. For the lucky summers you have, you should play it to the hilt and the parental types should let you fly as safely as they can.

This was during the cocktail hour between the ceremony and sitting down to dinner… usually it is where guests get to mingle and say hello to the bride and groom… a very nice break between parts of the day where you are expected to sit up straight and behave a certain way. ;0)

I love my job… if you would like to talk about getting married like real people, let me know… I have lots of input if you need it.

Silk Dreams

Sometimes the dress is hanging on the edge of a cluttered closet… sometimes it’s still in the bag, like a surprise. This dress was hanging from the loft railing in the guest house. The breeze moved it some and the veil hung down behind. Liz and her girlfriends were busy in the getting ready part of the day… makeup and hair, flower questions and a last minute music list for her DJ. Every now and then, I noticed that she would stop and look up at this dress, this dream she was about to step into. This caterpillar-to-butterfly part of the day… this silk dream.

You may remember from a few posts ago that Liz was casting about at the last minute for a good make-up artist… someone she could be herself with. I sent her a few names but listed Katherine Ross as my favorite and available artist… they clicked and the end result was a fabulous look for this very real woman.
Once the dress was fastened and she had her boots pulled on, the woman looking back from the mirror was quiet and calm for a moment… ready to get married.

Liz turned to me during the portraits, later, and marveled at how much more at ease she was for the camera this time… she trusted the way she looked and it made all the difference in the world. Trust is a good thing. ;0)