Monthly Archives: October 2012

Before the Crowds

Seven years is a long time to wait according to some people… Emily and James have been together that long and it shows in every way. They move like they are a part of each other. We went to the beach a few weeks ago to do some photos and I was struck, then, by their harmony… I guess that’s the only word I can use.

We had a very wet day last Saturday… it really took the guesswork out of the ceremony plans but Gray Gables has a nice hall on the grounds to cover that chance. We had built some portrait time into our schedule to take advantage of the garden but decided to do some upstairs in the original old house… the light was nice and the space was very private. After this photograph, I let them take some quiet time to themselves before the crush of friends and family.

Plan for the best day and roll with the day you are given… in the end, you are still marrying your best friend.

Play the Hand You’re Dealt

October in Oregon gives us some glorious days of wild suspense… in the hour drive from Portland to Yamhill, we passed through many types of weather. As a long time professional, I have learned to keep my eyes open on the way rather than make too many set plans ahead of time… it keeps me open to the possibilities.

Brooke and John got ready for their vineyard wedding at a friend’s beautiful home… as we drove up the driveway, I decided to ask if they might like the idea of the gate-keeper pumpkins for their wedding party shot. Turns out it was just right. ;0)

Secret Spaces

Many times a couple will steal away for a few minutes right after the ceremony… it’s a chance to look each other in the eye and rejoice in their happy new status. At Waverley Country Club, there is a private rooftop terrace that looks out over the patio… Kiersten and Jason enjoyed a little champagne and watched their guests mingling below.

This picture is from 2008… Kiersten recently asked me to make some special prints for her and it was nice to see how well the new software translated this one. I am always pleased to find that an older image can be made new again. ;0)

Sunny September

Two days ago, Emily and James and good-dog Davey motored to the quiet beach at Gearhart to spend a little time in front of my camera. Since they are getting married in a few weeks at Gray Gables, we went for something a little more organic for an engagement session. It seems like the summer has flown by since we met… we didn’t expect it to follow us to the beach but it did… what a glorious day! Davey agreed with a resounding High Five before he went off to check out the poodles near the surf line.

Is this a great job or what? ;0)