Monthly Archives: March 2013

No Room for Cowards


With any luck, this week will be the turning point in a long overdue balance. The idea that anyone in our country is considered less than equal should have been corrected a long time ago. Let’s hope that the Supreme Court gets it right… it’s time for marriage equality.

Elizabeth Taylor said it pretty well… “There is no gay agenda – it’s a human agenda. All of us should be treated the same… Long live love.”

Rain, Rain, Go Away…


Ryan and Angela have crappy work schedules… their time off together is scarce. We tried for four Thursdays in February and March to have the urban engagement session that they wanted and the weatherman kept on smacking us down. So I said buy an umbrella and off we went! I loved that they were game for things like this and I am very sure that their vineyard wedding in August will find them just as willing to play. ;0)

As always, the best work is a collaboration between the couple and the professional photographer… you can’t beat the combination.

Getting married soon? Want to talk?

Made for Each Other


In that quiet space between the family photos and the marriage ceremony, Jennifer and Paul had a chance to let their currents run together… holding hands and gently realizing that this was the new beginning in their lives.

Last week, on Facebook, she remarked on their anniversary:
“4 years ago tonight I married my loving husband. They say opposites attract and it’s true, a liberal atheist vegetarian and a conservative Catholic hunter have come together to live in peace and harmony. Somehow we share a common vision for our lives and future and don’t ask me how but it works! Truly I do not know a better man… I’m one lucky woman.”

And I was the lucky photographer!