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An Apple for her Teacher


Mary Beth very gingerly stepped into Natarajasana, aware that a tumble would stain her dress… but, considering the slope and the shoes, she did a nice Lord of the Dance Pose as a gift for her yoga teacher. I love the range of requests I get… it’s rarely the same thing twice. ;0)

Bring your whole self to your wedding day. You don’t have to be particularly public or silly… these little glimpses will save parts of you for later. Flexibility is a marvelous thing in every sense of the word… go be it.

The Pearl of Portland


Pay attention or you will likely trip over three photographers rushing to get to the “Best Spot” first… luckily there are at least seven “Best Spots” in the Pearl District of Portland that are trendy these days. ;0)

Alice and Jeremy had a very sweet, family oriented wedding on the roof of the Ecotrust Building one hot August day last summer. Located on the edge of the Pearl, it is surrounded by some of the most popular places for the camera crowd to shoot cool urban portraiture. For us, this bench was a shaded place for a little bit of privacy and it was right next to their wedding venue… far enough from the crowd to play gently in the afternoon light.

So Very Young


Abbey and Jesse had a sweet backyard wedding… she grew up on this pocket farm in Wilsonville, trading vows under an apple tree planted by her parents when she was very young.

The thing about a backyard wedding is the comfort factor… there is something about sitting to table in the yard where your family has played for so many years… there is a soft, familiar air over all of it. Take your shoes off… walk in the cool grass… have a piece of cake. ;0)

And Now for Something Completely Different


You can’t say no to a bride… you just can’t. So when my young wedding party asked me to do a jumping picture I did my level best to make it a good one. It’s not in my professional nature to request silly shots or overly posed pictures… my usual approach is much more editorial. I imagine, though, that this crowd of friends will remember many parts of this day and wonder how they ever jumped so high! ;0)



His arms full of his new granddaughter, Tom takes a few minutes to reflect in the basement of the church. He is about to walk his youngest daughter down the aisle …smiling faces tinted pink by the sun through the stained glass. There will be many things that go by this day, shoes and cakes and tears but the best thing that will happen is the people; babes in arms all the way to happy great-grandparents. Generations all together for the big day… how often does that happen?
My job is to bring all of it back for you.

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