Monthly Archives: May 2013

New Love True Love


I met Maggie as a young bride in 1994… this is a no-nonsense woman I have come to count as a sister over the years. Babies, barbecues, occasional dinners out and a marvelous extended family right up the street from me. When she grew out of that first marriage, I was experiencing the same thing… we had some long conversations about that.
A few years went by and I started hearing about this man… we didn’t get to talk much but the smile in her voice was unmistakeable. ;0) There is something astounding about finding a love later in your life at a time when you really know yourself… a time when you can both bring a truer self to the mix.

Maggie and Deren got married in the rain last week… so much rain… so much love!
Standing and clapping, my friend!!

A Rowdy Crowd Indeed


If you have been to many weddings you know the crowd can get a little loud when that first piece of cake is cut. The guests suddenly revert to Roman spectators at the Coliseum flashing thumbs up and down and hoping for a cake smearing spectacle. Sometimes they get it, too… can’t you just hear them behind me in this shot? Jen and Todd look happily alarmed.

I am just happy to have a chance to watch what happens and catch it for later… so far, no one has come after me with the sticky aftermath. ;0)

I love my job!

Grandpa and the New Shoes


He had his work cut out for him with the tiny buckles and the wiggly feet but he got her ready for her first stint as a flower girl. It was a lovely June day at Abbey Road Farms in Yamhill… a large and quiet property on the top of a hill in Oregon’s own wine country. Plenty of space for a sweet wedding and there are even goats to fascinate the kids… what more could you ask?

Oregon is a great place to start a marriage! ;0)