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Wild Bill and the Parasols


Bill already had a reputation for being a little on the unpredictable side. We had just finished the bridal party pictures and my bride, Liz, wanted the group to walk back across the field… Bill’s field. He had been snorting and prancing in the background for most of it and I decided it was probably the parasols that had him agitated. Needless to say, the group didn’t waste any time and the wedding went off without a hitch.

Liz and Josh are a favorite couple from 2012 and I am pleased to say that I get to go back for a maternity portrait in September… we will probably not bother Bill for that session. ;0)

Fiona Has Two Moms


The furry bookends on the bed are Science and Literature and Fiona is the cutie in the jumper. We started this conversation about a year ago when Alexis was 31 weeks pregnant… she and Kim were so excited! They asked if I might consider coming to Seattle to do baby pictures and I was thrilled to say yes. We decided to wait until she was about 6 months old. Newborns are beautiful but I really like it when babies are a little more able to sit up and connect… anywhere between 5 and 12 months is a great time to get them in front of the camera. Fiona was a trooper… we spent a little over two hours before she got tired of the whole thing.

One of the best things about a home portrait session is that it gives you a way, as parents, to share the early history of your lives together. When I look through the pictures of my childhood, I can see where I grew up… and in a few of them, I can see my parents younger than I ever remember them. That’s what I want my clients to have… that full sense of history with the most important people they will know.

Marriage almost always goes forward into family… don’t ever stop making pictures.

Freedoms Won


I was expecting to find Ty and Lamar enjoying a gorgeous Sunday afternoon like most people do… relaxing on the patio, maybe making plans for dinner… when I got to their house, Lamar was ready but Ty wasn’t home yet. Small wonder… Ty Stober has thrown his hat into the ring for a City Council seat in Vancouver. Even though the wedding is less than two weeks away, he is working long, stressful hours and probably will right up to the day.

This description from his web site pretty much sums up one of the key issues: “Last year, Ty served as Board Chair for Equal Rights Washington, one of the key organizations that drove the passage of Washington’s freedom to marry law. In that role Ty interacted with legislative, civic and business leaders to build a coalition in order to advance the strategy. He was also one of the founders of Equality Southwest Washington which advocates for the LGBT residents in the local community.”

Now, he and his perfect partner of 10 years are free to marry in the city they love… I won’t spoil the secrets of the wedding day but I will share once we get to that day. I know for sure that this is going to be a very special wedding!

A Sweet Solution


Johanna and Jeff didn’t want to see each other before their wedding ceremony… they figured they would just endure the nerves. I asked if they had anything special in mind and Johanna mentioned a picture on one of my Pinterest boards where the couple stood on either side of a door to read handwritten letters from each other. She allowed as how she would never survive reading anything but thought she might like to hold hands with him… that was all I needed to know. ;0)

A wedding should be about what makes you happy, right?