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Lions in the Garden


Sweet fortune and good luck will surely follow Katie and Thomas in their marriage… that is the gift of the lions.

Last Saturday, there was a large and festive wedding at Lan Su Chinese Garden… there were Taiko Drummers at the entrance to welcome the guests and a little before sunset, the Lion Dancers snaked into the lush greenery of the garden to perform for the happy couple. It was a first for me and it was wonderful! I saw small children looking fascinated and worried while the older folks were smiling at this ghost from their pasts… all of this to the loud drums and cymbals… you can look at photographs of it but I think it’s best experienced close up, in person. In a perfect world, everyone would see each other’s traditions… seems like it would make for a better understanding. ;0)

Thank you to Portland Lee’s Association for this great performance!

Dreams Really Do Come True


When Lamar and Ty came to talk to me about their wedding plans, one of the locations important to the day was their hangout, Niche… a cool and cozy wine bar in Vancouver. Since it was between the Academy Chapel and the Brickstone Ballroom, we made a short stop there between the ceremony and the reception. It gave them a little breather together and it gave me a marvelous space for some personal portraits before we dove back into the crush of the crowd.

You can bet that this was a place for them to dream about Marriage Equality… looking into a future that must have seemed very far away for a long time. I am so pleased for them!

With This Ring


There is always that moment when your new rings become a reality… an actual weight on your finger that wasn’t there before. (I remember very clearly how I seemed to swing mine into everything for the first week or so.) Leanne and PJ have a little more time before the weight will become a part of them… no longer waiting for the day in tiny, shiny black boxes. ;0)

They got married on a sunny Saturday about a week ago in the lovely Abigail’s Garden at the Abernethy Center and they did it with grace and style. Their team of vendors was a real treat and it made the day that much better. Molli and Jennifer of Soiree ran the show while Crystal Lillies created a lovely garden in a garden. Eric Wright, Portland’s best DJ, had everyone on the dance floor as usual and Eric Newland of Hybrid Moon captured everything on video. It was great and I was the lucky photographer! ;0)

A Surprise for Michael


Inge called me to say that her husband was about to have a birthday… a milestone sort of birthday. She wanted to do a portrait for him so I suggested Edgefield and I could hear her smile over the phone. She and Michael got married there in 1998. Several years later, Michael had called me to do a surprise session for her birthday there… the girls were much younger then. So it seemed like the perfect continuation to go back to Edgefield for these pictures. Luckily it a place of many moods. ;0)

One of the best things about my job is watching the histories pile up… it feels very good to be a part of that.

Many Married Moments


In the course of a wedding day there are many moments that you may remember and I always hope one of them is the first conversation between just the two of you. With that in mind, I know that the photography can be a little intrusive at times. Every couple has different needs regarding privacy… some will say “We are going to take ten minutes to ourselves” and some won’t say anything at all but if I can give them some space as we work, I will.

Shannon and Randy got married in the tiny town of Condon, Oregon… wheat and wind and mostly sunshine. We had about a half an hour between the ceremony and the reception to do some portraits of the two of them… we split it between these shadowed silos at the edge of town and a stubbled wheat field out by the cemetery. I know Randy is quite camera shy so the conversation may have been about that but I’m hoping it was more a chance to marvel at being married!

Hang around and check out my work if you have a few minutes… I am always happy to share. ;0)