Monthly Archives: August 2013

Guys Just Want to Have Fun


Tony and Joe walked around the neighborhood with me before the ceremony… you could tell their nerves were a little on the high side because they were both clowning around. Together for 6 years already, the relationship is based on a grand sense of humor and supported by a lot of wonderful people… evidenced by the crowd’s spirited reactions during the vows. Castaway was the perfect space last Saturday evening for food and friends.There was a polka dot cake and rainbow strings of paper lanterns with a great view of the Fremont Bridge. As the lights got low, the crowd filled up the kick ass dance floor… my smile lasted a long time. ;0)

I hope you’ll come talk to me if you are getting married… it’s a lot of fun to help launch a good couple!

Bring It!


Exuberance was the name of the game on this August Saturday. You know it when you see it… I caught them clowning on the way to where we were going to do some portraits in the late light.

There wasn’t a time during this entire day where I caught Allie or Matt looking like they wanted to be anywhere else. For me, that means a lot…. if you can bring that level of enthusiasm to your wedding, you will be rewarded with lots of wonderful, happy pictures. Thirty years from now, this one will still make both of them smile. ;0)

Before the Crowds


Lan Su Chinese Gardens is a very special walled garden in Portland. It is a lush and intimate space full of bamboo, lotus flowers and beautiful koi swimming in the small lake. One of the things to know about Lan Su is that you can’t go in until the garden is closed to the public so most weddings have a fairly late start and a very tight set-up time for the vendors. Luckily, the vendors are used to it and any of the professional photographers who have worked there know what they will be working around. With Katie and Thomas, we spent a little time outside the wall for some of our extended portrait session… this one is one of my very favorite images from that afternoon. By the time we went into the garden for the more iconic settings, this one had settled into my brain with it’s easy elegance.

I am a local professional and I am at your service. ;0)

Wild Blue and Dancing, Too


There are perfect days in Oregon and last Saturday was one of them. There are also perfect weddings and that was true of this one. Allie and Matt brought such confidence in their relationship to this wedding… it bodes very well for a long and happy marriage. It’s always a treat to see two people so well suited for each other.

Mt. Hood played hide and seek on this beautiful property above the river in Estacada and the nature of the place made it possible for everyone to relax and enjoy the day. What could be better than a party with all of the people you love in a place like this? ;0)

They had their first dance right before dinner and the afternoon flowed on from there… I have to give a great deal of credit to their planner, Angela Orr of Simply Elegant Occasions… she was everywhere she needed to be and because of that, there were no glitches. All in all, a very perfect day!