Monthly Archives: September 2013

City Light


Love and luck go together if last Saturday was any measure… Cait and Matt had just finished with the family photos inside at the University Club. The first day of Fall was coming in windy and wet so they were feeling lucky to have planned an indoor wedding. A few moments later, the rain stopped so we grabbed a couple of umbrellas and ventured out for a little portrait time. The soft light bouncing off of the buildings gave new meaning to the term lucky… we have so many wonderful pictures to choose from! It didn’t hurt that they both looked smokin’ hot in tuxedos! Maybe a new trend for brides? ;0)

I love my job!!

Kiss Me Again


Fresh from the first kiss, Matt stopped in the aisle to kiss his new bride again… he’s a keeper! These two had such a perfect start to their marriage… the wedding was magnificent in every way. Friends, family and this astounding blue-sky day… the crowd sinking grateful toes into the lush green grass at his uncle’s house in Estacada. What could be better?

Shoes and Socks and City Kids


Right on the other side of that hill is a wonderfully casual vineyard in Sheridan… J. Wrigley Vineyard is the kind of place you can relax and just have a great party!

Angela and Ryan got ready at the Hotel Oregon in McMinnville and drove from there to this lovely windswept hilltop on the last day of August… late afternoon into a soft evening full of friends and fabulous pumpkin cake. And did I mention the hot shoes and the socks? Life is good!