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Just For Fun


Weddings are a great place to stage family photos… think about it, how often do you have everyone in the same place all dressed up? Wedding photographers do a ton of these staged pictures every year and it’s great when the subject matter goes off on it’s own little tangent. Believe it or not, this was started by one of the grown-ups instead of the kids… just for the fun of it.

Two of the most important tools in my kit are the Homework Assignment and the Timeline. The assignment for my clients is to send me a written list of the family groups they want. With that on the table, we can build a timeline for the wedding day that has enough time set aside at the right spots for getting the staged pictures done. It doesn’t take a long time if you have an idea what you need going in.

This lovely wedding was in Abigail’s Garden at the Abernethy Center and we had done most of the formal groups in the shaded garden earlier. This one was pulled together on the dance floor, just before dinner, to take care of this combination that wasn’t on our original list… took about two minutes to make a normal one and this wonderfully silly shot. ;0)

I’d be happy to help you with your homework!

A New Twist


We mapped out the wedding timeline sitting at my kitchen table… when I asked Cait and Matt if they wanted getting ready photos, they said no so we decided that the day would start with them seeing each other for the first time. Arriving early at the University Club, I found them decorating their chuppah, still in jeans and sweaters. We staged our gear and started covering some of the details and the lovely architecture while they went upstairs to change. After a bit, I went up to ask Cait a question and found them helping each other dress… well, I stayed through the very precise bow-tie process and we decided that it would be really silly to go through a fake first meeting. ;0)

I love the people I get to work with… for the most part, they are happy and flexible as the day unfolds in front of them and it makes for the best pictures possible.

His Father’s House


The rain was loud and full outside so our plans for portraits before the reception were very much in Plan B mode… thank goodness for a flexible couple and a beautiful home!

Robin and Jacob got married in a small ceremony on a New York beach the week before and were back in Portland for a very nice reception… they had most of Portland City Grill at their command. The only downside was that the normally incredible views were curtained in heavy rain… no matter, there was fine food and lively conversation happening all around. ;0)

My Kingdom for a Cake


It’s been a long time since I felt like it was necessary to try the cake at every wedding. It used to be so I could accurately refer the bakeries… at least that was how I rationalized it. I wasn’t planning on having any of this cake but somewhere in the cutting of it, I heard that it was a pumpkin cake…. and that changes everything. ;0) Lamb’s Thriftway outdid themselves with this one. Hands down, one of the best I have ever tasted!

Angela and Ryan had a wedding that was relaxed and charming… a very nice change of pace from the more formal affairs. Take a page from their book… do the wedding your own way instead of worrying about the trends… it will fit you better.

I’d be happy to share your wedding day!