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Oh, For a Summer’s Day!


Ashlee, just married, stepped out of her shoes on the edge of the Lewis River… her sweet husband had to sit to take his shoes off. Micha is a fisherman and he wanted, more than almost anything, to take some time down on the river after the ceremony. He rolled up his pants legs and waded in while Ashlee wandered the shore a little ways off… he was looking for skipping stones and she was cooling her toes in the shallows. We could hear the party on the hill above us… Lewis River Golf Course is a special venue for summer weddings… there is a patio bordering the river and a nice garden space for outdoor ceremonies. They have managed to keep the golf course separate from the wedding spaces and that makes it a good venue for a relaxed and private country club experience.

We didn’t stay on the river too long but the images we have from that part of the day will be on hand in the years to come… reminding Ashlee and Micha how very young and happy they were this summer day.

I am always ready to help create something special for the future. ;0)

Suspended in Time


Dave was lost in thought a few times as he got dressed for his wedding on that rainy day in May. He was paying close attention to the details so I tried not to intrude very much. There is a process to dressing, yes, but you can bet there is a process to getting ready to get married… an interior conversation that goes on. His best man and his father were in the other part of the suite and we could hear the comfortable humor of two men who were there for back-up. Pretty soon the four of us were downstairs in the library of the Nines Hotel… the men began playing pool while they waited for the women.

Upstairs, Tricia was smiling and sharing sake with her mom and sister… her mood happily contagious. When her dress was finally finished, I asked if she was ready to go see Dave. Her answer was purely visible… a twinkle of an almost tear in her eyes.

There was an amazing day ahead of them…the unexpected stop at the 24 Hour Church of Elvis and the quick drop into Voodoo Donuts before arriving at the Lan Su Chinese Garden… all of the details and flavors of the day swirling through my cameras. I am sure they will never forget their lovely and lucky wedding. ;0)

Got Cookies?


Maybe it’s time to add cookies to the emergency kit for weddings… right along with the scissors, needles and thread. Jody’s dress fit a little differently on her wedding day than she expected and I watched as one of her sisters offered up her own cookies to help… just pulled them right out of her own outfit! It was pure hysteria for a few minutes… a room full of laughing women! In the end, these offerings weren’t the right size for Jody and some other avenue was used. I doubt any of us will remember what that one was but the first round will live on for a long time.;0)

I am including a link to a very complete bra-glossary in case it is of any help to our brides… maybe knowing what is available will help you be better prepared.
For those of you who really want to get going on your own kit, here is a list from Style Me Pretty of just about everything you could possibly need for the little emergencies on your wedding day… have fun!

I’ll be the one watching for the cute and funny moments as they go by… that’s my job and I love it!

Dancing in the Aisles


After the kiss, Ty and Lamar smiled broadly at their guests as the music started… the doors at the Academy Chapel swung open and Tina Turner came dancing down the aisle. She was belting out “Better Be Good to Me” and I watched the guests start to react… by the time the robes came off to reveal a short spangled red dress, everyone was grinning, even mom!

Poison Waters has been a local treasure for 25 years… her everyday name is Kevin Cook and he has been very involved in helping our community. Since Ty was instrumental in getting the Freedom to Marry Act across the finish line in Washington, it made total sense for Poison Waters to be a part of the day. Poison sang the newly minted couple up the aisle and out to join the marching band that would take the crowd to the Brickstone Ballroom a couple of blocks away… it was a very fine day, indeed. With any luck, the rest of the country will catch up soon and everyone will dance in the aisles.

Happy to be a part of your plans… come see me when you are ready to talk. ;0)