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Follow Your Dreams


Weddings are always about new beginnings. No matter how long you may have been a couple, there will always be that shift in your perceptions. In truth, it will pull you closer and in the good marriages, you will become teammates in a way you never imagined.

As 2013 rolls to an end, I think back on all of the new couples celebrating their first married New Year… I imagine the fireworks will be a little brighter and the smiles a little broader. My advice would be to keep facing forward, holding hands… go at your lives together, always.

Happy New Year to all of you!

Chasing Magic at Ranch at the Canyons


During dinner the children were free to chase the fading light… their faces painted at odds with their party clothes. Every wedding has some quiet moments for the camera and this was a chance to step back from the party and explore the beautiful property in the sweet light. In the background, the quiet hum of conversations and silverware… laughter and a little music… my job is to bring as much of that back for my couple as I can. Brides and grooms don’t always realize that there will be a wall of people between them and the plans they made… the details and the ambiance that are the result of so much careful planning. Professional photographers are capable of bringing all of that back in addition to the emotional moments and the family pictures. While it’s true that your best friend’s brother might be a good photographer, he may not have a clue what he is getting into on a wedding day… and you know that there aren’t any do-overs.

This gorgeous property, Ranch at the Canyons, is just on the west side of Smith Rock… an easy drive from Bend. That makes it local and destination. ;0)

We had a long, lovely day capped by the full moon rising over the red rocks… you’d be hard pressed to beat that.

Come With me, My Love…


If you were to start humming “The Sea of Love” as you looked at this picture, you’d start to feel the doo-wop swing of the hips and see the slow shuffle of the feet… and then you would start to smile. Well, you should have been in the room as this wedding party gave a surprise performance for the bride and groom… it was stellar!

Mariesa and Tyson chose Edgefield’s Blackberry Hall for their vintage wedding. Guests were invited to dress retro and and the turnout was perfect. Decorated with old books and seashells, the tables were full of friends in hats and gloves… dinner had been eaten and this great group brought the house down. When I turned around for the picture of the couple and the room around them, people were on their feet, cheering and clapping… I’m so glad I got to be in on it! There was no stopping the party that followed. ;0)

My advice to anyone getting married is to do it the way you want to do it… there really aren’t any rules except for the loving each other part, right?

The Very Best Reasons to Have an Intimate Wedding


Last Friday found me at Sellwood’s tiny, historic Oak’s Pioneer Church listening to one of the more personal wedding ceremonies I have heard in a long while. Lisa and Tom both spoke from the alter before the vows… they told the crowd how they met and they talked about their first couple of dates. We heard how he included her sons into their early relationship and how she did the same with his grown children. The best part, though, and the reason for this post, was when Lisa turned to the crowd and said “We could have had a big wedding… we could have invited family and friends and acquaintances but we wanted, more than anything, to share this day with you… our families and our closest friends.” It was evident to me through the rest of the evening that they were, indeed, surrounded by people who really loved them. The party was held at a beautiful home on N Ainsworth Street… crammed to the rafters with good food and happy people. The couple dancing in the living room are the lady of the house and her son… tell me that does’t look like a good time!

If you are looking for real and personal wedding photography, you might want to take a few minutes to check out my work… I’d be happy to show you around. ;0)