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Delighted is the very best description! The wedding day has finally arrived and sheer delight has replaced the aggravation of all that planning. For Madeline and Lee, the world kept spinning around them as they had their first look… giddy is a good word to go with delighted. They had a chance to flirt and kiss and twirl the dress in relative privacy… things you can’t do if your first look is at the alter.

We were at the Mt. Tabor amphitheater on this beautiful day… Jill, of Starflower, was hanging rose balls on the stage where the musicians were setting up. The flower girl was running in the grass, her long blonde curls topped by a gorgeous wreath of roses… Molli, of Soiree, was manning the clip board and making sure all the pieces were coming together.

For all of you planning a wedding, I think the best advice you can take is to hire your vendors carefully… the professionals will do what they know how to do and will work with everyone else to make it a great team effort. You and your beloved should be able to dance into your day knowing that you have done the planning and handed it over to the people who will make it happen.

Me? I was delighted to be a part of this… I was privileged to watch this marriage begin and I know that the pictures are real and true because Madeline and Lee are real and true. ;0)

Time Flies When You Have to Keep Your Dress Clean


Time flies on a wedding day for almost everyone… the exception might be the kids. They get polished and primped by the grownups, wrangled into the dressy clothes and told to STAY CLEAN! They have to wait for the grownups to get dressed, then there is a wait for the wedding to begin. After an agonizing amount of time trying to behave at the ceremony, they have to wait for the party to start. At least there is usually a dance floor to slide on when the shoes come off and, once the waiting is done, there will be cake. ;0)

So another way that time flies is when little girls grow up. Annie and Brigid have been in front of my camera since they were tiny people… I can still go to Maggie’s house and see the toddlers that they used to be framed and hanging on the walls. For now, they are both in high school which I find quite astounding. They have turned into really cool and beautiful young women and I have no doubt will continue to evolve in that direction. Watch my jaw drop when they have flower girls of their own. ;0)

Let’s make some wonderful history together…

Sweet Details


Sweet details made this simple dress a standout. It was hanging on the back of the bathroom door while Rachel was getting ready. This wedding was long before people made elaborate displays of their dresses and shoes… the details still counted, of course, but they were generally caught organically rather than reimagined. With her hair pinned up in a dark chignon, Rachel slipped into this lovely dress and could have passed for a young woman in the early 1900s… about the same time frame as the venue itself. We took some of the portraits out on the front portico… this one has always been a favorite of mine because it seems to have a timeless grace. You might have to work pretty hard to put a specific date on it and no fair going back to the plastic hanger on the bathroom door! ;0)

The venue, Portland’s White House B&B, is a grand old home from 1911 and is one of the special places in Portland for small, elegant events. I have worked with Lanning for many years and I’d highly recommend his home and services.

Weddings are an adventure of sweet details for the camera every time… it’s one of the perks of my wonderful job.
Come talk to me if you are getting married, ok?