A simple harmony… Madeline and Lee

June 27, 2009


Madeline and Lee sang a duet in the fading light at Mt. Tabor’s volcanic amphitheater… clear voices and rapt guests on the benches around me. More emotion than anyone is ever ready for. Then they started a long and premature kiss… their officiant had to pronounce them husband and wife during the kiss. The crowd was laughing, crying and clapping and that’s the way it should be.

From there, the party moved to The West End Theater for great food, awesome music and some of the best toasts I have ever heard… an excellent evening all around!

Just a sweet detail… Madeline surprised the crowd by changing into her mom’s wedding dress for the second dance… when she had it fitted, she found some rice in the hem from her parents’ wedding many years ago. Stories like that just make my job more special.

Vendors were well chosen and the whole day flowed from one place to another just as it should… the talent is listed below:

Molli of Bon Soiree – ran the whole show with grace and patience.
Katherine of Event Cosmetics created beautiful fresh faces.
Andrea of August Veils designed the lovely ¬†feather and silk piece that Madeline wore in her hair… awesome detail!
Jill from Starflower hung the most gorgeous rose Kissing Balls from the trees. The rest of her flowers were like little explosions of red textures… perfect for the day.
Lance from Watts Films was the video guy… I haven’t seen his work yet but he was great to work with… relaxed and unobtrusive.
Simpatica put out a feast to be remembered… lots of people went back for seconds.
Cake and cupcakes were from the fine folks at the Bakery Bar.
The Nick Jaina Band was amazing… they are a fierce talent!
I was the lucky photographer… I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Join me for a little of this wonderful wedding!



5 thoughts on “A simple harmony… Madeline and Lee

  1. Rebekah Johnson

    Jamie, these look beee-eautiful. You have served them very well! Love BOTH dresses! What fun!
    I will call soon for blogging tips 101.
    Like when I choose to stand up again.

  2. Katherine Sealy

    Oh MY! You did an outstanding job on the coverage. I know Madeline will be thrilled. She is by far one of my favorite clients this season, great love story and we had an amazing time creating and styling her final look. HOT!!!
    Thanks for capturing it all and showing a few makeup shots too. As Madeline would say “What is real? ” Classic wedding day photos that capture the moment for all time. xoxo

  3. Molli Barss

    These are great, you really captured the essense of this day. Your pictures brought me right back to that day. What fun clients they were, so glad you could be part of their day with me. Looking forward to the next one.

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