An Unexpected Guest

Well… not totally unexpected. Madeline and Lee knew the dress would be there, though only for the dancing. Her mom was blown away when Madeline changed out of her long slinky gown, mid reception, into this snappy little number from so long ago. In fact, when she had it altered they found some rice in the hem. Imagine that rice just hanging out over the years, waiting for the daughter to grow up and decide to wear the dress… how cool is that?!

Mom’s dress was great for dancing and Madeline owned it… just like she did the entire day. What a great time we had!

Take your wedding for the ride of your life… hire the right people, live happily ever after.

1 thought on “An Unexpected Guest

  1. Jackie Shannon Hollis

    Jamie, I just love your work. I went back and looked at your recent posts, your wonderful pictures. The marrying people chose well when they picked you to make the photographs. You’ve an eye. And a way with words.


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