Days of Heaven

Condon is a tiny town snugged into the golden hills east of Bend, north of Fossil and south of Biggs. They farm wheat and wind in those hills and the Milky Way runs rampant in the night sky.
Condon is a place where everyone says hello… a rare treat for most of us.
Shannon grew up there and decided to share her wedding to Randy with her people. The ceremony was short and very sweet… the whole day had that lovely level of ease that is so hard to come by.


14 thoughts on “Days of Heaven

  1. Yvonne Williams

    Beautiful photos for a beautiful couple! Thanks for sharing. Now everyone in the office is teary-eyed.

  2. Alina

    I love all the photos, I am impressed with the grain silo and out in the wheat field. Home town wedding in Condon prints a very nice photo opp. Congrats to the new Bride and Groom

  3. The Hollis^and the Blanchard's

    We are all here in Switzerland and have seen and LOVE the pictures. Really fun for the Hollis`s to see again and the Blanchard`s to see for the first time. The wheatfield pictures are so beautiful.

  4. Pete & Bonny

    Enjoyed the pictures very much, was like a trip home. One question, Shannon, wasn’t that stubble kind of hard on your legs?

  5. Tamra

    Nicely done Jamie……I really love the first shot….in the field…..some motion…..very neat.

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