Freedoms Won


I was expecting to find Ty and Lamar enjoying a gorgeous Sunday afternoon like most people do… relaxing on the patio, maybe making plans for dinner… when I got to their house, Lamar was ready but Ty wasn’t home yet. Small wonder… Ty Stober has thrown his hat into the ring for a City Council seat in Vancouver. Even though the wedding is less than two weeks away, he is working long, stressful hours and probably will right up to the day.

This description from his web site pretty much sums up one of the key issues: “Last year, Ty served as Board Chair for Equal Rights Washington, one of the key organizations that drove the passage of Washington’s freedom to marry law. In that role Ty interacted with legislative, civic and business leaders to build a coalition in order to advance the strategy. He was also one of the founders of Equality Southwest Washington which advocates for the LGBT residents in the local community.”

Now, he and his perfect partner of 10 years are free to marry in the city they love… I won’t spoil the secrets of the wedding day but I will share once we get to that day. I know for sure that this is going to be a very special wedding!

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