Got Cookies?


Maybe it’s time to add cookies to the emergency kit for weddings… right along with the scissors, needles and thread. Jody’s dress fit a little differently on her wedding day than she expected and I watched as one of her sisters offered up her own cookies to help… just pulled them right out of her own outfit! It was pure hysteria for a few minutes… a room full of laughing women! In the end, these offerings weren’t the right size for Jody and some other avenue was used. I doubt any of us will remember what that one was but the first round will live on for a long time.;0)

I am including a link to a very complete bra-glossary in case it is of any help to our brides… maybe knowing what is available will help you be better prepared.
For those of you who really want to get going on your own kit, here is a list from Style Me Pretty of just about everything you could possibly need for the little emergencies on your wedding day… have fun!

I’ll be the one watching for the cute and funny moments as they go by… that’s my job and I love it!

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