I Am Staff

Frankie pretty much runs the house. He certainly tries to run my office as well. Part of his job description as Office Manager is to exercise me. I have to get out of my chair at regular intervals to feed him cat crackers. We also have an aerobic routine involving mopping the floor every other day because the muddy footprints are becoming dimensional.The Stand in Front of the Monitor pose is the cracker request mostly, although he will use it to ask me to get off of the phone, too.

The other day, I rearranged some of my shelving so that I could put my external hard drives in a less cat accessible space… Frankie decided that he had a better use for one of the empty cubbies.

I have since taken that space back but you can bet there is a new mutiny brewing in his furry brain.

6 thoughts on “I Am Staff

  1. Randy

    Frankie is one cool kat, of that there can be no doubt! A better office manager you’d be hard pressed to find. That first image is fantastically creepy and riveting. Love seeing the “other” side of Ms. Bosworth.

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks, Randy… creepy in a good way, right?
    I took that with the Lensbaby Composer and Tilt Transformer on the Olympus… pretty sweet!

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