“I Dream About Chocolate Tide Pools.”

In a perfect world, my days would be spent wandering tiny towns with a camera. Punctuate the town time with open spaces… both peopled and un… I am a sucker for this planet we call home. Last year, in late September, Opera Boy and I took three days off and we set our base camp in Lincoln City. What follows here is a gentle reminder of the scale of things.

We took a day to head south… it was cooler and cloudy and seemed like a fine time to visit the Newport Aquarium.

A sobering display on the wall chronicled the amount of litter picked up in a two hour stretch. This is why we need to keep our beaches cleaner than ever… imagine the creatures who have to live in this?

The Yaquina Head Lighthouse is Oregon’s tallest and has been active since 1873. I seek out lighthouses, covered bridges, old factories… you can get a real feel for time and lives lived. I try to imagine what our times will leave behind.

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