In a Circle of Friends

Kirsi was the bridesmaid with the sweetest smile at an early wedding in 2007. Three months later, I was pleased to see her standing up for another bride of mine… both crowds were great. When she called last year to tell me she and Tony were getting married, it honestly felt like a family connection.

Fast forward to 2010 and we have a fine, if damp, day at Edgefield… there are happy, familiar faces everywhere. The theme is mushrooms… programs and table decorations taken from their hobby of mushroom hunting. Tony likes photographing the various exotics he finds in the wilds of our beautiful Pacific Northwest and, of course, they harvest the edibles.

Some of the most beautiful mushrooms are communal by nature… I think it’s interesting that these two found each other in a shared circle of friends.

4 thoughts on “In a Circle of Friends

  1. Rebekah Johnson

    Love her expression!

    I love being able to shoot several weddings within a family or group of friends; it feels very inclusive and it’s a pleasure to catch up over the years. It’s also a big compliment!!

  2. Kirsi Baird Barber

    Hi Jamie,

    I was just showing a friend of mine your web site, trying to drum up some new business for you, and was so tickled to see Tony’s and my photo on your wedding page. I loved looking over your composition of our day again! We just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary, and it actually made me shed a few tears today to walk down memory lane. I just want to say again how appreciative I am that you captured so many wonderful moments here. We just loved working with you!


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