In the garden with Gretchen and Alastair

Gretchens-_lace Ali and Gretchen met and fell in love at Oxford University… they came to their Portland nuptials trailing traces of English Gardens, Vivaldi, Bach and Robert Frost… a beautiful and charming wedding. The lightly modified Anglican ceremony, the traditional English morning suits (complete with proper cravats brought from England) mixed well with the uniquely Portland locations. Graceful is the word that comes to mind thinking back on the whole day.

Great hair by Micah Clark, from Evolution Hair Design and makeup by Meghan Stoll-Kaufnman.

The ceremony was held at The Rhododendron Garden… amazing flowers by Page Winograd and lovely music by The Collage Trio.
The party followed at Portland’s Art MuseumVibrant Table Catering made a cozy space out of the Sunken Ballroom and designed a great Vegetarian feast.

The Bakery Bar made the sculptural cake and the chocolate favors were from Sahagun.

Allwright Music was the talented DJ at the party… Les Partna behind the mic… excellent!

Many, many pictures follow if you are interested.
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4 thoughts on “In the garden with Gretchen and Alastair

  1. Ali Gemmell

    Wonderful photos Jamie! I can’t begin to pick favourites there are so many great ones here! You really captured the feel of the day, and the contrast between the sunny garden and atmospheric evening in the art museum ballroom. There are even some good ones with me in, and that means you must have a rare talent!

  2. Sandra & Denny Teichow

    Wow… What a special occasion you had. Paul & Kathy Bjornstad are visiting us in Lake Geneva, WI for a birthday party of their long-time college friend, Denny Tiechow. They couldn’t wait to show us the pictures and also said they had a FANTASTIC time. My husband & I did a home exchange with a couple from Porland last year & fell in love with the area. Thanks for sharing your wedding with us Wisconsinites. Have a Happy Life Together… The pictures show the love you share. God Bless, Sandy & Denny from WIsconsin

  3. Gretchen Bjornstad

    Thank you so much for the beautiful photography Jamie! You captured both the serious and fun sides of the wedding and it all looks stunning! We shared these photos with our friends and family on facebook and we wanted to pass on the comments that they sent:

    “Just wanted to say that your wedding photos are beautiful, it looks like you had a lovely day.”

    “Ohh Wow! Gretchen there are some totally beautiful photos. I’m such a hopeless romantic I actually had a tear in my eye!!”

    “Beautiful photos Gretchen. Congratulations!!!”

    “Soooo gorgeous! I love these pics! You look fabulous!”

    “Congratulations Ali and Gretchen! The pictures are just beautiful – what great memories to keep!”

    “Just seen your gorgeous photos. Congratulations! You both look lovely, it looks like it was a beautiful day.”

    “These pictures look lovely- it seems like it must have been a great day and I hope that it sets the two of you up for a great future.”

    “Wow!! The photos of your wedding are amazing! congratulations to you and your wife who by the way looked stunning! Well done mate xx”

    “Congratulations on your wedding Ali! The photos look brilliant!”

    “Congratulations to you both! These are glorious photos Ali!”

    “Just seen your Wedding Pics, congratulations pal it looked like a wonderful day!”

    “Congratulations to you both! What beautiful photographs :)”

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