Love is the Destination


On a damp and chilly day last week, I met Hannah and Sham in Seattle for an engagement session… they live in Vancouver, BC so Seattle seemed like a logical choice. One of our stops was at the Olympic Sculpture Park near the waterfront. This was our third location and by then, they were over the camera jitters and able to just be themselves. What I found out about them over the course of the shoot is that they have a sweet, slightly combative relationship… there are many shots with tilting body language and direct looks… this one caught me during the edit as being very true in a different direction. When he puts his arms around her, she curls into him and breathes deeply. When they get married in Portland this summer, I expect to have an idea or two how to catch them being themselves… that is one of the best things about having an engagement session with your photographer. You get to see if the person behind the camera is cool and the photographer gets to see what makes you tick as a couple… those two parts come together in the camera to make special pictures for the ages.

We chose three locations to play and architecture was the key factor… we started at the EMP, Seattle’s Music Museum with it’s trippy curved metal walls and then drove downtown to the Seattle Central Public Library… a space you need to see to believe. We finished in front of one of my all time favorite pieces… it’s called Wake and the artist is Richard Serra.

For these two, destinations will be the name of the game for awhile… after the wedding, they will be moving to Massachusetts… Hannah just got accepted into M.I.T to study architecture and they are both looking forward in their life together.

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