Lynchburg Dormitory 1969

My mother hauled me out of school one rainy day in November of my senior year to drive her to Lynchburg, Virginia. She had been hired to shoot the small, seminary campus for an upcoming brochure. She had never gotten her driver’s license… mostly walking or biking to work all the years I knew her. On this particular Friday, she had decided that I would drive and that I would also shoot with her. Fine by me.

I remember sitting on the cold floor of the men’s dorm quietly watching the two guys studying at the end of the hall. I took three frames and in one of them the pipe completed the composition… I am not sure if they knew I was there.

Later, Mom studied these, smiling, and said they weren’t necessary for the brochure… she gave me one of the most important photographs of my life.

5 thoughts on “Lynchburg Dormitory 1969

  1. Randy

    Jamie… this is simply fantastic! To think that you had this artistic and compositional sensibility at a young age is astounding. This is timeless and classic. A great piece of history and a piece that will represent you and the time you lived to future generations. Your voice will be heard long after your time. I had no idea your mother was a photographer? Did I know that? I don’t think so…

  2. Jodi Gurtov

    I love pouring over images like this. I have a huge box of Life magazines from this era and this photo is clearly that caliber–both technically and for the feeling it evokes. Keep posting this stuff-please!

  3. Jackie

    I am impressed — you had this eye, the strength and restraint and the ability to see IN to a moment, that makes all your work so wonderful.

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