Many Married Moments


In the course of a wedding day there are many moments that you may remember and I always hope one of them is the first conversation between just the two of you. With that in mind, I know that the photography can be a little intrusive at times. Every couple has different needs regarding privacy… some will say “We are going to take ten minutes to ourselves” and some won’t say anything at all but if I can give them some space as we work, I will.

Shannon and Randy got married in the tiny town of Condon, Oregon… wheat and wind and mostly sunshine. We had about a half an hour between the ceremony and the reception to do some portraits of the two of them… we split it between these shadowed silos at the edge of town and a stubbled wheat field out by the cemetery. I know Randy is quite camera shy so the conversation may have been about that but I’m hoping it was more a chance to marvel at being married!

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