Me and Lady Liberty

She and I have been friendly strangers forever… I wave, she smiles… always at a distance. Since I haven’t been in her neighborhood for 30 years, I thought I’d try for a real conversation this trip. We decided we would try a Monday visit since no one goes anywhere on a Monday. Damn if the line wasn’t longer than the one at the Vatican… long enough to suck up an entire day. So we decided to ride the Staten Island Ferry instead.
I waved. She laughed.

1 thought on “Me and Lady Liberty

  1. Randy

    Jamie! I absolutely LOVE this image. I’m sure this situation must have frustrated the heck out of you, but in the end, you captured the story. A moment in time that reflects our current society. I think it’s a wonderfully iconic image.

    Can’t wait to see more from your trip!

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