Old Camera, New Inspiration


Once upon a time, I used to turn to Infrared film for a jolt of inspiration… it was a voice for me that I didn’t apply to my regular work. It required me to pay attention differently and I know that was the key.

In 2005, I heard that you could have a camera converted to Infrared and I thought it would be the answer in the digital age. I took one of my D70s out of regular service and had it converted. I was disappointed by it in a couple of ways, the biggest issue being that I no longer got to look at a scene through a red filter… apparently that was a strong part of the seeing process for me. The other problem was that it never really looked quite like the film had… there was a texture and a light to it that was missing. You can see some of my film work in this post.

A few days ago, I pulled that old camera off the shelf and wandered around my yard with it… trying a few things as a test. I have new software in my aresenal now that may make the difference. Yesterday, I took the camera with me to meet a new friend and I took some more photos while we talked. Something tells me that I may have a new way to see again… I’m not sure, yet, that it will match my film days but it will be something different and that is a wonderful thing. ;0)

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