Paris in Portland

Peninsula Park, on a cloudy spring day, reminds me of much older places… Paris comes to mind as you take in the stone and brickwork that frames our oldest public rose garden. If you can blur your brain just enough, you can almost see the couples strolling in the early 1900’s.

According to the Portland Parks and Recreation website, “The park was purchased by the city in 1909 for $60,000 with funds raised in a 1908 bond measure. Originally owned by local businesswoman Liverpool Liz, it had been the site for a roadhouse and racetrack for quarter-mile horse racing. An autopark and campground were also included in the original parcel. Planned by renowned Oregon architects Ellis Lawrence and Ormond R. Bean, the park was a result of Portland’s 1912 ‘City Beautiful’ movement. Completed in 1913, much remains of the original features, including the lantern-style streetlights, the stone pillars, vast brickwork, and the nearly 100-year-old fountain in the center of the rose garden. The octagonal bandstand overlooking the rose garden was constructed in 1913. It was used for World War I patriotic demonstrations and is now the site for many summer weddings and concerts. This wonderful gazebo-like structure is a National Heritage historical structure and was designated a Portland Historic Landmark in 1973. It is the last of its kind in Portland.”

Michelle and Jason braved the chill a couple of weeks ago and made this their romantic stop between the church and the reception… it was very sweet to see them relax into themselves.

2 thoughts on “Paris in Portland

  1. Patrick

    Are you using a filter here? I’m just looking at the contrast on the concrete, and it gives really amazing depth. Nice shot!

  2. admin Post author

    No, Patrick… it’s Nik Silver FX Pro… it has a global control of so many different dynamics! It has become my go-to for any serious B&W images. This one involves contrast and structure.
    Glad you like it! ;0)

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