Partly cloudy… chance of Elvis.

Where to start? Tricia and Dave came to Portland from sunny Palm Desert to get married in our beautiful Lan Su Gardens. Tricia came into the day like a house afire… she wanted to go to as many Portland spots for pictures as possible. Given the window of time we had, she scaled it back to some interesting spaces that we could walk to on the way from The Nines to the Garden. We stumbled across The 24 Hour Church of Elvis… for 50ยข you can get married there… you just have to push all of the right bright buttons and answer the many questions on the screen. It was a lot of fun to watch! From there to the Chinatown Gate and on to Voodoo Donuts and The Paris Theatre… honestly, it was a marvelous carnival mix… we all came away smiling. As we walked, a pedicab driver offered us a free ride for the remaining two blocks… all of this was just the beginning of a great celebration.
Luckily, the rain held mostly until the end of the ceremony and the rabbi didn’t seem to mind that they were already married in the eyes of Elvis.

A lot of credit for this day goes to the vendors… they made it work even when the skies opened…
Dave made an interesting contribution… he designed four Saketinis for the party… the reviews were good!
Vibrant Table ran the show and fed everyone a lot of really great food.
Page Winograd also of Vibrant Table, did her floral magic, even incorporating some of the family’s antique fans.
Finales made a series of delicious cakes… inspired by henna tattoos.
Takohachi Taiko entertained the diners with a fascinating drum ensemble.
Swingline Cubs got everyone up and dancing.

16 thoughts on “Partly cloudy… chance of Elvis.

  1. Tricia & David Eppelheimer

    We smiled. We laughed. We remembered!

    Jamie- you captured the textures, colors, personalities, and emotions of that amazing affair. Thank you for seizing so many moments which help remind us of the fun memories we all had.

    ~ Tricia & David Eppelheimer ~

  2. sheila

    Wow! Beautiful Bride and Beautiful Wedding! The Groom… well he’s kinda cute too! It’s too bad the “girls” couldn’t have been there, but they probably would have just eaten the cake!

  3. Dana Hobart

    Dear Trish and David:
    Great photo trail and fun to share photographically in the festivities. Congratulations and best wishes for a long, healthful and happy life and marriage.

  4. Bianka

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Your dress is everything you said it would be. Congratulations to both of you!

  5. Lucy & Ron Meepos

    Dear Tricia and David;
    Tricia you are absolutely gorgeous – David is lucky, handsome too.
    We wish you all the best of health and happiness and don’t forget have lots of laughter.
    Love, Lucy and Ron

  6. Carla Czako

    The pictures brought tears, absolutely awesome. Tricia so beautiful and I loved your hair! and David so dapper. Looks like you guys had a fun, fun time. Thats the way it’s suppose to be. Congratulations Carla & Bob Czako

  7. Carolyn

    Dear Tricia and David,
    What a dream wedding. Everything looks perfect, What a handsome couple you two make. I’m so glad you decided on that dress – What a beautiful Bride and what a handsome Groom!!
    Gods Blessings over your life together.
    Love Jack & Carolyn and Grandma Dorothy

  8. Mike

    Really nice pictures. They turned out great. Some beautiful memories
    Love Mike & Anacely

  9. Mike & Suzanne McCormick

    Congratulations to the two of you! The wedding pictures tell a great story of your magical day! Tricia you looked amazing, your dress, hair, & make~up need I say more…you were stunning. May the Lord continue to bless your marriage through out the years to come.
    Love The McCormick Family, Mike, Suzanne, Michael, Sha~Ni, Cody & John John

  10. Lois Jane Lambert

    It was a delight to see you two (beautiful, handsome)everthing wonderful.

    Congratulations and all the best wishes in the world are wished for you.

    My friends take care of each other. LOVE YA, LOIS

  11. Ann Carlos

    I am a Sandy’s friend from Pebblecreek.
    I so enjoyed the photos. They are beautiful. Everything looks so magical. What a beautiful wedding day!
    Tricia, you look lovely and your hair is fantastic.
    Much happiness and many more magical days.\
    Ann Carlos

  12. Mom

    Your wedding was so beautiful my darlings, but nothing compared to the beauty that radiated from you both on that day. My dreams and prayers for your wedding to be so special were way over my expectations. I can hardly wait to see the rest of the photos when Jamie gets them done. I know that Nomee and Bapa were looking down and beaming with pride on this day and I thank them daily for making this possible for you. ;() I ask the Lord to bless you daily with thankfulness and good health for a life time of love, compassion, and understanding. I love you always, Mom

  13. sadia

    first of all congratulation to you. Beautiful magical wedding. Tricia, you looked amazing. Wish you all the best.

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