Pedicab Parade

This is a favorite of mine from a couple of summers ago… for some reason, I had three weddings in a couple of weeks involving large parts of Portland’s Pedicab community. It was great fun! What charmed me most was the ringing of the bike bells as Melissa and Drew made their way through the staged cabs. I wasn’t expecting it and I could tell that the sound of bike bells has a real childhood hook for many people besides me.

They also had an ice cream pedicab… it came to the Park Blocks while we were doing the family shots… everyone had a popsicle! It was absolutely perfect for a sunny summer afternoon. So very Portland.

You can catch more of this parade in my Wedding Portfolio, if you like.

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  1. Portland Wedding Pedicabs

    What a great memory, that was such a fun wedding! It was great to make the pedicab procession to the Ace. We pedaled many of their guests and family, while many of their friends accompanied our Wedding Parade on bikes! It was wonderful. Glad you liked our bells and the Icicle Tricycle, we love providing the premier Wedding Pedicab service. Hope to see you at many more weddings!

    Portland Wedding Pedicabs

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