Pedicabs Are SO Portland!


Pedicabs roam the streets of Portland all through the year hauling tourists and locals from this hotel to that restaurant. It’s a nice visual break in the crowded streets. But the best is when a wedding group goes by! Picture a crowd of 18 pedicabs streaming down the avenue… people in cars wave and honk, the folks waiting at the streetcar stops get big silly grins on their faces and everyone has that little trip back that turns a grown-up into a kid again.

If you choose to add pedicabs to your day, make sure you have one reserved for your photographer… the driver of that cab needs to be able to move around the whole crowd and still keep the camera fairly close to the newlyweds. It’s an interesting experience to be in that seat trying to catch what’s around you… I suppose there is a zen to giving up the control… just go where the driver takes you and keep your eyes wide open. ;0)