How to Retire Without Really Trying…

The last two years have been much different than anything I could have imagined when I considered winding down my business career. In January of 2020, I was planning on stepping back from the normal job load… maybe do some traveling and finally work on my personal images. Call it semi retirement, maybe.

Well, here we are heading into 2022 and I am just plain retired… the pandemic gutted the wedding industry and kept a lot of us at home… the mood was all wrong for happy family photos and businesses didn’t need too many new images.

Going forward, I’m going to take the work that seems to fit my new parameters. For weddings, that means small gatherings… no more all day and night hotel ballrooms with large crowds… I’ve done enough of those. Give me your intimate gardens or tasty little vineyards… parties for your special people… where it’s about the love more than the decorations. For portrait work, let’s aim for interesting rather than typical… a personal collaboration between us.

I don’t intend to say yes to every inquiry… I’d like to really connect with the people I will be working with. I hope that appeals to you, too.

I am also building a gallery of personal images with the idea of offering them for sale.
For now, if you’d like to see what I’m doing in that direction, I’ll direct you to my Personal Work or you can check out my Instagram account @joeytallboy… it’s where I am spending my free time these days. I am feeling unleashed and happy to be here.

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