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The Best Seat in the House

Remember when you could climb a tree in a dress and kick off your red shoes? I do. Not that my family attended a bunch of weddings when I was a kid but the whole option of having a different vantage point than the grown-ups… it is a very special privilege. At some point they expect you to settle back to earth and behave accordingly. For the lucky summers you have, you should play it to the hilt and the parental types should let you fly as safely as they can.

This was during the cocktail hour between the ceremony and sitting down to dinner… usually it is where guests get to mingle and say hello to the bride and groom… a very nice break between parts of the day where you are expected to sit up straight and behave a certain way. ;0)

I love my job… if you would like to talk about getting married like real people, let me know… I have lots of input if you need it.