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Cupcakes… a Universal Language


Cupcakes, a paradise of cupcakes was presented at this August wedding. Instead of being safely out of reach on a table, this tower of sugar was set on the stage at the Jupiter Hotel and it didn’t take long for the short ones to figure out how easy the pickings were going to be.

The young man in the middle wasn’t eating them so much as inhaling them… his stack of wrappers was getting pretty high. The younger man on the right seemed to be more discerning, eyeing his next choice while thoughtfully finishing the previous cupcake. I didn’t get to stay to watch the delighted little girl, my duties called me elsewhere, but she had the enthusiasm needed to join the boys in the carnage. I wonder if any of the grownups got a chance? ;0)

If you have a heaven of cupcakes in your plans, Portland has some great bakeries… check these out:
Saint Cupcake

Cupcake Jones

And then come talk to me about your wedding, ok?
See you soon!

My Kingdom for a Cake


It’s been a long time since I felt like it was necessary to try the cake at every wedding. It used to be so I could accurately refer the bakeries… at least that was how I rationalized it. I wasn’t planning on having any of this cake but somewhere in the cutting of it, I heard that it was a pumpkin cake…. and that changes everything. ;0) Lamb’s Thriftway outdid themselves with this one. Hands down, one of the best I have ever tasted!

Angela and Ryan had a wedding that was relaxed and charming… a very nice change of pace from the more formal affairs. Take a page from their book… do the wedding your own way instead of worrying about the trends… it will fit you better.

I’d be happy to share your wedding day!