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A Marriage in Manzanita


There was a tiny marriage in the tiny town of Manzanita last Saturday. Most of Portland was on the beautiful beaches of Oregon this weekend but we only added 7 and a half people to the crowds. Vivian, the littlest of the group, is only two years old so she counts as a “half”, right?

Lisa and Hub walked down to the sands of Manzanita with their closest friends… people that go way back in their lives. This section of beach was a few blocks down from the main drag and it was wonderfully quiet. They stood in a little semicircle on this sunny day with a very brisk, cold wind at their backs. The vows were short and straight from the heart, the rings exchanged and then they were pronounced by one of Lisa’s best friends. As soon as the pronouncement was made, there were whoops and hollering and dancing in the sand by all. Vivian looked on in amazement. ;0)

Then there was champagne and laughing back at the beach house while we waited for the sun to slip down a little more. The newlyweds came back to the beach with me for a few more portraits in the sweet light while the friends pulled the dinner together. When I left, there was BBQ and music and drinks to be shared and I can still hear Lisa’s fabulous laugh.

As a seasoned pro, I get plenty of the big weddings… the ones with all of the rules and expectations. They are certainly the majority. These little ones, though, bring such a sense of sweet inclusion. It is a true pleasure to be a part of a day like this. A wedding doesn’t have to be big to catch the heart!

Let me know if you’d like to talk about getting married, ok?

What a Difference 4015.35′ in Altitude Makes…

Stacey and Darrell hired us for three days in October… a halloween party on Friday, a sunny recreational Saturday at Crater Lake followed by a Sunday wedding on the rim. It was the last open day of the season… the lodge was about to shut and the roads would close as soon as people were out. Sunday morning found us with much lower skies and rapidly dropping temperatures… enough that the bridal party wore long underwear and hiking boots under their beautiful dresses. On the rim, the cold wind was close to unbearable… guests wrapped in plastic parkas braving the sleet and the freezing fog. The flowers popped in that stark light. Stacey braved it somehow in her spaghetti strap dress.

The party was down the hill in a little grange hall in Fort Klamath… homemade pies and fine BBQ. As the rain subsided, I asked them to come across the street with me to play in the high grass.

Up on the rim, the roads were closing for a long white winter.